The manufacturing process is organized into two parts:

Mobile tailor

After a visit to the client, we take the steps and talked to understand their needs. The next step is to develop a 3D design and budget simultaneously with the Promob (specialized software tailored for mobile). After approval of the budget we have started production on average it takes a week to get ready.

In sync and with the authorization of the client, we make a delivery that takes on average 1-3 days depending on project size. Our prossesso manufacturing for kitchens and closets is automated E used special software and computerized machines that produce your mobile with the utmost precision and agility.

Special projects

After nessessidades understand the customer, we’ll draw the 3D design and make a new meeting. With the design according to what was expected, and we will send the budget to begin production with traditional woodworking machines.

In this case it is common to use a variety of new materials such as wood mace, iron, aluminum, glass and others may eventually be outsourced and how this is a unique design, the delivery term option will be agreed beforehand.