The joinery VARUA uni every technology tailored contemporary furniture, ancient techniques of traditional joinery. We have a team of trained professionals to meet architects and end clients. Bring your plan or request a home visit will be a pleasure to meet them.

We feature industrial-scale production and at the same time offer alternative craft to suit your project from start to finish. We do kitchens, offices, home theaters, bars, desks or any application involving the joinery in its entirety.

We designed furniture, custom and special projects.
We are always keen to develop different projects.

We participate in the creative process with the architects.

* We have autonomy, technology and experience to develop projects directly with the client.
* We are trained and well prepared for any project, no matter how challenging it is.

* We are the architect’s best friend, “So your right arm and second home …”.
* We are the largest reference in planned projects, special and major projects.
* We specialize in innovative and perfectionist in details.

In our workplace, we value honesty, practicality, joy and pro-activity.
This is how we treat our employees and customers